COALITION: “an alliance for combined action” At the cradle of it’s foundation, the mantra of COALITION (Sanjay Dutta + DJ Beat2) was simple – ‘Deliver quality and cutting edge underground electronic music.’ The concept took birth in 2011 at Chennai’s super club Dublin and continued in other cities like Goa, Kolkata etc. Meticulous perfection to mix intelligent sounds made the audience groove involuntarily. These prodigious crowds gyrating to the beats, became a familiar sight at venues across India. Having cast its aura across the country, COALITION is all but starting out and yet still quite fresh at heart. Force behind the decks:-


Sanjay Dutta: His music is known to evolve, infused with trends that are ensued worldwide. One of India’s most renowned DJ, Sanjay’s impassioned sets are desired by club goers across the globe. But ‘THE BEAST FROM THE EAST’ as he is fondly called by friends, followers and fans alike, had an unassuming start in the golden years of the late 1980s in the bustling city of Kolkata, India. A man on a mission, his ability to take his audience on a journey at the dance floor is something of a musical experience, the dynamics unmatched. He is the self admitting ‘vinyl-junkie’ who recently shifted to the digital world. He can spend days searching for those perfect tunes and then places them together into his signature set. Sanjay is set to give his followers a treat of his sweet labour again. Access to fresh sensations of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), skillfully woven by the maestro himself – is a bonus. Attempt to tame the beast at;, 120722927141


DJ Beat2: Delivering original sounds, Beat2 with his sharp and observant nature is a trend-setter in the true form. Hand crafted sets, technical ability and a positive presence behind the console, defines his journey though music.With this consistent passion for Electronic Dance Music, he’s in the studio now, producing frisky and groovy sounds. DJ Beat2 is readily acknowledged as the resident DJ of three of the most successful venues in the Indian history of clubbing – Poison, Hype and Trilogy. Apart from this he is also responsible for the forward thinking music on Saturday nights at Mumbai’s plush lounge & bar, Aurus. DJ Beat2’s career highlights include sharing the stage with international dance luminaries like Paul Van Dyk, Nick Warren, Markus Schulz, Jonathan Ulysses, Antoine Clamaran, Luigi Rocca, Xerox and Pixel. DJ Beat2’s music has traveled the globe. It has embraced different music cultures ranging from BPM (Europe’s largest exhibition for DJs), UK to the deserts of Dubai and the chilly regions of Kathmandu, Nepal. Catch his beats at;, 27326595609


Stay tuned for upcoming events, exclusive dj-sets, music and more!! Cheers COALITION Team